Transitioning from noise rock to lo-fi ambient music in 1999, experimentering with a electro-acoustic set-up, vintage cassette noises and field recordings, resulting in nearly 400 tracks over the course of ten years. Some of the tracks ended up on the 22 cd-r releases using various aliases and the name Fabriksmusik as cd-r label name.

Aliases used over the years:

  • Sirius Sirimon
  • El Elsidee
  • El LCD
  • Ladies Love Cool Delroy
  • La Barba
  • Vic Rondelli & Ben Venutti
  • Ric Vondelli
  • Ben V. Nutti
  • Rigmor Mortis

Most notably is the track Snö på Hisingen, later remixed by Carbon Based Lifeforms.

Fabriksmusik is Matto Fredriksson.
Fabriksmusik stopped making music in 2012.